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Team A from Frankfurt had a really simple but very good idea: let’s do something at #DAD2013 that is not directly related to project work but still stems from a programmer’s everyday life and office environment. (more…)

Little transformers that jet around the corridors and make Karlsruhe “unsafe”… does that sound like a new Hollywood blockbuster? (more…)

Hands on Music is an installation aimed at familiarizing visitors with the function of the “tangible user interface”, that is, a user interface that can be touched and that allows interaction with the machine through the use of physical objects. In brief: touch and be impressed! (more…)

The ETECTURE Digital Architects Day was held on November 27, 2013, under the motto “3 Cities, 10 Years, 14 Talks – One Party!”.

It was the premiere for this special convention, aimed in particular at customers and friends of ETECTURE. (more…)