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What used to be seen as science fiction is now becoming reality

The digital transformation has far-reaching implications for the economy and society. Above all, however, it offers many new opportunities. With the launch of the Digital Architects Forums at the Karlsruhe (on 06/16) and Frankfurt am Main (on 06/18) locations, it was important for us to share with participants new ideas on how their company can adapt to the change in communications.

According to German magazine Wirtschaftswoche, edition 19/2012, he is one of the 100 most important Internet heads in Germany. Our speaker Nico Lumma has been blogging at for many years and has – as he says himself – not been offline since 1995. His fascinating presentation entitled The Internet is disappearing once more (Das Internet verschwindet wieder) stimulated the discussion, According to Lumma, “exponential is the new linear“. This is because the ever-shortening cycles of technological progress and digitization have a huge impact on the economy and call for action and fast decisions. (more…)

For the fourth year running, Gartner has ranked AWS as a leading provider of cloud infrastructure as a service.

The “2015 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide” report illustrates the importance of AWS as an exceptional innovator and benchmark for the entire IaaS market.

The enormously flexible range of potential uses for innumerable applications is obvious from the very broad customer base and comprehensive industry coverage. No other vendor offers such a comprehensive range of services. The event-based compute service AWS Lambda in particular promises flexibility in the development and operation of applications that have to react to information and be able to scale very quickly. (more…)