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apiOmat provides a platform for connecting existing enterprise IT systems to mobile devices and wearables and gives companies the option of digitizing business processes. Business data and security systems are integrated into mobile applications and devices and thus ensure that individual business processes are made mobile. The advantages lie in the independence and agility of the platform.

With portable IT, future-proof infrastructure is being created that gives companies the necessary competitive strength. (more…)

Do you want to know how to solve challenges in the digital world? Do you want to support high-profile customers from all over the world in an innovative and solution-oriented way to create a brand experience tailored to the digital world? Do you like elephants? Are you different? So are we! Visit us at our open day on August 4 in ‪‎Frankfurt where you will be able to get an insight into our projects, our teams, and our philosophy. At the end of the guided tour, we look forward to lively conversation with you accompanied by delicious nibbles and drinks on our roof terrace overlooking the city’s skyline! For more information and to register, contact We look forward to hearing from you!



An article by Fabian Huber about second screen usage from two perspectives

Not a Case of Competition between the Internet and TV

Multitasking is now the norm everywhere you look. Whether users are at home, on their way to work, or in the office: Doing multiple things at the same time has been part of everyday life since smartphones went mainstream. But has the smartphone now also become part of our everyday TV viewing habits? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this change as far as TV advertising is concerned? (more…)

At the end of May, several ETECTURE employees travelled to London to take part in the Allianz Hackathon. Just before the start, the five-person team developed an idea, which they then introduced at the Hackathon. They realized, however, that the time they had to implement it – just one weekend – was extremely tight and would therefore be a further challenge. (more…)