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“Connecting Open Minds” may have been the official slogan of this year’s DrupalCamp in Vienna, but the unofficial slogan was “Drupal 8.” The stable 8.0.0 release had been issued just a few days previously, which explained the large crowd of participants and the wide range of talks on the topic. D8 was also the hot topic of conversation in discussions throughout the community. (more…)

Co-working space creates scope for collaboration and fresh ideas. This trend has now been picked up by mitenant AG: The young startup based in Baar, Switzerland, offers vacant, unused offices on to promote the concept of “shared office space.” (more…)

Automated tests can considerably reduce project costs and speed up development when they are used correctly, particularly in large software projects. Test automation is a powerful tool that safeguards quality in the software development process. It does this by checking that the process is running correctly and by detecting errors and weak points in the program code, as well as other problems or side effects. (more…)

Digitally networked teams are a regular feature of today’s business world. As customers become more demanding, companies need to respond rapidly to change. Mobile access to information anytime and anywhere is essential to this approach, as it creates efficient working practices and quick solutions. It’s the only way to stay competitive. (more…)

We are pleased to welcome some new members to our team!

Hakan Lofcali, Software Developer
Vera Müller-Schön, Management Assistant