Collaboration Aids Growth

Collaboration Aids Growth

Co-working space creates scope for collaboration and fresh ideas. This trend has now been picked up by mitenant AG: The young startup based in Baar, Switzerland, offers vacant, unused offices on to promote the concept of “shared office space.”

The name “mitenant” represents the sharing economy and means “together” in Swiss German, or “my tenant” in English. Companies with vacant office space offer young startups the opportunity to lease it, based on the concept that both parties should benefit from each other. That’s why it is very important to mitenant that, wherever possible, it brings together companies from similar areas of business. Collaboration aids growth, making anything possible: from inspiration to a new joint venture.

The costs incurred through unused office space can be reduced by leasing it out. Meanwhile, the tenants have offices at their disposal, sometimes fully equipped, and an existing telecommunications infrastructure, which greatly eases the burden on a young company’s limited starting capital. However, the lease periods remain flexible. This enables shared office spaces to develop that offer considerable added value through their physical proximity and through exchange of expertise and skills. These spaces are integrated into everyday operations.

mitenant itself does not own any property, but merely acts as an agent. Rather than spending time managing its own office spaces, mitenant uses this time to provide individual support and the extended service that involves matching compatible companies.

This concept appealed to us so much that ETECTURE not only became fully involved in the consultation and implementation processes for the website, but even invested in the project and became part of the platform. We too are offering space for ideas to grow in our Frankfurt and Karlsruhe offices.

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Our Services

As well as providing tactical advice on the first product version, ETECTURE was responsible for planning and implementation, design and realization of the technology platform and the UX design. A particular highlight was the implementation of the technical concept. A technological basis was selected that would make development a straightforward process.

We thoroughly enjoyed the project, not only because communicating with the customer was so easy and productive, but because it allowed us to tackle some exciting issues and further enhance our technical expertise.

Java and Spring Boot were selected for the platform to keep the development time short and productive, while the sophisticated, type-safe jOOQ mapping solution was used as the database framework. The CMS was integrated into the application using the new REST API. The continuous delivery pipeline was implemented using Jenkins and Salt, which deployed the application on Amazon AWS.

The customer was particularly impressed with the design and technical implementation of the administration platform for updating the object data, and expressed their gratitude: “Many thanks again for all your efforts, support, ideas, and ongoing commitment. A big thank you for everything from all of us in Zürich, and long may our excellent collaboration continue!”  Now all that remains is to ramp up the advertising and plan the features for the next increment.

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Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager