Customer as a partner — the pillars of a long-standing successful business relationship!

Customer as a partner — the pillars of a long-standing successful business relationship!

Our customer Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ) is an organization that, in accordance with its legal assignment, has been responsible for the development of health promotion in Austria since 1998. FGÖ currently employs 20 people, is based in Vienna, and has been a business area of Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG) since 2006. To perform its activities, FGÖ receives €7.2 million annually from the sales tax revenue of the Republic of Austria.

The core business of FGÖ is to support projects. Interested parties can use a tool to submit electronic requests for project funding. Those submitting requests include small businesses, local communities, schools, institutions, as well as large corporate groups. Every year, around 80% of 100 projects requested are provided with funding.

Seven years ago for the first time, we developed three applications with the name E-Services for FGÖ. The project guide deals with the core business, e.g. requests for funds, project development, decision documentation, statistics, payments, and project evaluation. There is also a further training database and the contact database. All three tools are seamlessly integrated so that there is no need for data duplication. The success of the application is reflected in the ebiz egovernment award (eAward) which was awarded to the “FGÖ E-Services and Project Guide” project in Vienna in 2008. After the initial implementation, the E-Services are now being maintained and further developed.

Success factors in the collaboration

Trust and understanding:
Openness and trust help you to make the right decisions, be it with regard to personnel selection or setting priorities and finding solutions. There is also great transparency in the areas of settlement and estimates, as well as acceptance of the imprecise nature of estimates, which interestingly goes both ways. Usually, there is exactly one physical meeting each year.

Clearly regulated processes and channels of communication make it easy to keep the team informed, assess the status, and determine prioritized ToDos.

Telephone conferencing, issue tracking, and screen sharing help with coordination and documentation. “They make the distance appear increasingly small”, states Alexander Wallner, who is the person in charge of the further development of the FGÖ E-Services at FGÖ.

Thinking outside the box:
The most obvious solution is not always the best solution — and neither is the most expensive. Motivated employees often achieve the ideal solution through creative thinking, even if it is not immediately evident, and the project benefits from this. To summarize, you could say that we have an almost ideal constellation on the part of the customer and the software company. And sometimes, it’s a real shame that we don’t “have to” travel to Vienna more often…

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