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Our aim is to create digital brand experiences through independent advice, professional implementation, and demand-driven customer support.

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We solve your challenges
in the digital world

Whether it’s eCommerce, responsive web design, augmented reality, or online/offline integration: we don’t just restrict ourselves to one area; instead, we look into all aspects in order to provide the ideal solution to your special requirements.

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Why our customers like working with us

Customer satisfaction

“By collaborating in a partnership we create added value for our customers’ interests.”

We love the Web. Our consultants are always one step ahead of the latest developments and thus get to the heart of your issues. And our developers have been breathing the Internet for as long as they can remember. This makes us a strong partner when it comes to making your digital desires palpable and tangible. We take a professional and independent approach that is based on your needs and we support your development over the long term.

Our objective: to achieve a customer relationship with long-term success

ETECTURE supports and advises customers with customized software solutions and state-of-the-art technologies for the Web. ETECTURE GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2003 by a team of experienced software specialists and consultants. Our extensive project experience across all sectors and business areas enables us to supply our customers with proven ideas and technologies — thus ensuring they are in a leading position. As “digital architects”, we plan, build, and run digital solutions tailored exactly to the demands of communication, marketing, and sales departments.

With their extensive expertise, more than 100 employees at our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and our other locations in Germany and the UK ensure that our customers’ visions become digital reality.

We build on long-term partnerships and a trusting collaboration, and have been serving the majority of our customers for many years. To achieve the project objective, the classic factors of quality, time, and costs are always important in project management. For us, however, the crucial factor is the project success, which only becomes apparent after two to three years of collaboration. It is not quick success that is important to us, but rather we strive for a growing, needs-oriented customer relationship: we stick with you. We only give ourselves a pat on the back when the return on investment becomes visible to the customer after this period.

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Who we are

We are digital architects

An architect builds houses. We build software. An architect understands how to create a concept and how to achieve an attractive design and a “livable”, that is, user-friendly blueprint.

What’s more, the architect knows the experts who can put his plans into action and can keep his eye on them. He can evaluate and assess their work and thus ensure high-quality implementation.

Our visual

The ETECTURE visual stands next to our name, and our name serves as a strong foundation for the architectures that we build.

These “structures” are reflected in our visual. The houses are arranged next to each other as a skyline (paying homage to Frankfurt, our headquarters). These houses are built with the building blocks that software developers generally use: zeros, ones, commas, and semicolons.

In April 2012, ETECTURE and Ogilvy founded the joint venture ETECTURE@Ogilvy on the British market. The role model for this was and is the existing long-term collaboration with Ogilvy Germany.

By establishing an ETECTURE GmbH location in London, we laid the foundation for successful collaboration with Ogilvy UK and fired the starting shot for the market launch of ETECTURE in the UK.

In addition, since 2014, ETECTURE@Ogilvy has also been represented in Switzerland,specifically in Zürich.

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Employee opinions

Carsten Blau
Business Director

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Urs Reppel
IT Project Manager

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Ralph Siegert
Director Business Consulting

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Florian Heeg
Senior Software Developer

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