fooBar: CrazyShitCorner ETECTURE #DAD 2013

fooBar: CrazyShitCorner ETECTURE #DAD 2013

Team A from Frankfurt had a really simple but very good idea: let’s do something at #DAD2013 that is not directly related to project work but still stems from a programmer’s everyday life and office environment.

After a short brainstorming session, the message soon stood out: just as in our daily project work, we (ETECTURE) are the experts who ensure our customers (guests) enjoy their experience! We take care of the technology so that the customer can concentrate on the main result. Let’s do precisely this at ETECTURE #DAD2013!

Thus the fooBar was created: a cocktail bar with a lounge and mini golf course!


At the bar, the delights awaiting the guests included a tasty “Bug”, a refreshing “Memory Leak”, and a sweet “Bluescreen”. The lounge area was bordered by several tag clouds reflecting the team’s portfolio as well as the general portfolio of ETECTURE. This created an ideal atmosphere for numerous interesting discussions.

And anyone wanting to show off their handicap could demonstrate a few moves in a round of mini golf. The course was designed simply with sheets of paper with corresponding pictograms and Post-it notes, and the visitors themselves were the obstacles and hurdles, increasing the level of difficulty as they spontaneously changed position.

It was an all-round successful concept that proved extremely appealing to many visitors!