Hands on Music: CrazyShitCorner ETECTURE #DAD 2013

Hands on Music: CrazyShitCorner ETECTURE #DAD 2013

Hands on Music is an installation aimed at familiarizing visitors with the function of the “tangible user interface”, that is, a user interface that can be touched and that allows interaction with the machine through the use of physical objects. In brief: touch and be impressed!

For this purpose, a synthesizer-based control system was selected. With this control system, visitors were able to create and influence music directly and solely by moving various objects on an office desk.

The only hardware used was two laptops, one of which used a web cam and black light to detect the objects. Using REACTIVISION open source software, the objects are analyzed and converted into MIDI control commands. The MIDI commands are transferred to a second laptop via WLAN, and an audio sequencer on this second laptop then forwards the signals to various software synthesizers.

The think tank and inventors behind this activity had a lot of fun designing it and everyone who experienced it “hands-on” at #DAD2013 was also impressed. Hands on Music 2.0 is already planned for the next DAD — watch this space!