Innovation at the Allianz 48-hour Hackathon in London

Innovation at the Allianz 48-hour Hackathon in London

At the end of May, several ETECTURE employees travelled to London to take part in the Allianz Hackathon. Just before the start, the five-person team developed an idea, which they then introduced at the Hackathon. They realized, however, that the time they had to implement it – just one weekend – was extremely tight and would therefore be a further challenge.

The event began at 7pm on Friday evening with a presentation of the individual projects, before moving onto the concept development. And that took so long that nothing else happened until 4 in the morning.


Our team’s idea involved developing an app that enables users to determine their risk score in various areas and compare it with their history and other users. At the same time, users would receive tips and information that would help them to take the right level of risk. With the final idea in their heads, the team started implementation early Saturday morning. Around 20 hours later, they had made good progress and there were just a few bugs to fix on the following day with additional features to follow. Unfortunately, the competition was won by another team. Nevertheless, this event was great fun for everyone involved. Even if the long nights did not exactly contribute to a relaxing weekend, everybody was pleased to have been there and to have learned a few things along the way!

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