Interview with Carsten

Interview Carsten

Carsten Blau

Business Director

How long have you been working at ETECTURE?
I’ve been here since the first day in 2003.

What are your main tasks?
My main task is to provide advisory support in the enterprise environment, but I’m also often closely involved in operational business. I’m also involved in various business management activities, such as maintaining strategic business contacts, and also feel strongly about the use of agile methods and their implementation at ETECTURE.

Tell us something about a project you’re working on now. What have you especially enjoyed?
I remember one particular project for a customer a long time ago that came from a simple idea from the customer: we developed a prototype and then, based on that, we created a pilot solution. In the end, the product was rolled out internationally in a lot of markets. I learned a lot from being involved in this type of process and seeing the successful result at the end.

Looking to the future: where’s the digital world going? What do you see as the most important digital trend?
In the future there will be an overall trend towards relaunch! The changes over the last three to four years mean that many of the old established models of approaching tasks are no longer appropriate. In most cases, it no longer makes sense to tackle a long-term, large-scale project, and small, iterative steps are more appropriate. There is no benefit in pressing ahead with long-term planning and then no longer being up-to-date at the end of the project. And so we come back to the agile approaches which reflect the pursuit of constant improvement and are more likely to guarantee this.