Interview with Ralph

Interview Ralph

Ralph Siegert

Director Business Consulting

How long have you been working at ETECTURE?

Since the beginning (2003), as one of the first 17 employees.

What are your main tasks?
I’m a generalist: I can get involved in technical issues and process topics, but I also understand specialist problems and see myself as an advisory interface between the technology and the specialist areas for the customer and at the customers’ premises, and also as a problem solver.

Tell us something about a project you’re working on now. What have you especially enjoyed?
I’ve enjoyed working in an international network, such as for our customer OgilvyOne in France. Together with the customer, we have built a user-generated content platform for Mexico, which is very exciting.

Looking to the future: where’s the digital world going? What do you see as the most important digital trend?
Data! Data processing, data automation, data evaluation: they’re all in their early phases. In the end, a lot in our near future will be determined by all forms of data processing and automation. You can see this in part by how companies are changing from being app providers to being data companies because they have been able to build up an enormous dataset as a by-product, which can now be exploited or simply used to predict shopping basket contents from purchasing behavior.