Interview with Urs

Interview Urs

Urs Reppel

IT Project Manager

How long have you been working at ETECTURE?
Since 2012.

What are your main tasks?
I’m primarily involved in project management and ensuring that customers and the team are satisfied. I’m also in charge of sport ;-).

Tell us something about a project you’re working on now. What have you especially enjoyed?
At the moment, most of my time is spent on an exciting, extensive project for a new Swiss company. Ultimately, the project gives me everything I need to enjoy my work: a challenging and complex project setup that uses the latest technologies, and work within a highly competent project team as well as friendly collaboration with the customer and other partners. In the short to medium term, this is the basis for something really good.

Looking to the future: where’s the digital world going? What do you see as the most important digital trend?
The digitalization of all areas of life is in full swing and is nowhere near reaching an end. We can look forward to seeing countless more exciting innovations and the motto is “The Internet of things”. In my opinion, there will be an increasing social discussion about how to deal with the consequences of digitalization and the associated flood of information that we will be faced with.