Nestlé Frisco-Findus website relaunch

Nestlé Frisco-Findus website relaunch

Our task was to relaunch the website, and also to provide an eCommerce functionality for orders by commercial customers (B2B).

Nestle Frisco Findus Website

The specialist in ice cream, frozen baked goods, and frozen food for the catering and retail sectors offers its customers unique product concepts, the highest quality, individual service, and personal support.

The online presence for was implemented based on the German website ETECTURE adapted various eCommerce functionalities and established a connection to the existing Magento shop software in the backend, thus making extensive purchasing options available on the Swiss B2B market too. In a further step, an optimized customer data management function was added to the solution, along with multilingual (German, French, Italian) functionality, and an administration interface for content management by Nestlé Frisco Findus itself.

Special development highlights were AJAX and intensive .net backend programming, as well as optimization of the website performance.

The methodical approach and the integrated collaboration, which was optimized in terms of procedure, led to a successful project result and a very positive and cooperative customer relationship.