EHI Trade Data

EHI Trade Data

About the customer

EHI, a research and educational institute for trade based in Cologne, has been operating the B2B platform for several years and up until the end of 2014 they did so in collaboration with a partner. At the EHI Retail Institute collates data, figures, and facts on trade, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The information made available for download originates from empirical research by the EHI Retail Institute and approximately 150 selected third-party sources. The data can easily be downloaded as image files (JPG, PDF) in the form of diagrams or as raw data in table form (Excel) and used in diverse ways such as in presentations, business reports, etc. Journalistic reports on trade issues, as well as industry and company profiles provide users with a quick overview. Reminder lists and optimized search and selection functions make working with more effective.

Dirk Ziegener
Contact person

Dirk Ziegener
Operations Director
Tel: +49 221 49700-653
Fax: +49 221 49700-134

Implementing a Drupal Framework

Following detailed analysis of the customer’s requirements and objectives, ETECTURE recommended using the Drupal open-source content management framework in order to have access to a stable technology base and a large number of ready-to-use modules. The particular business logic of the platform, with various product types and subscription models, was reproduced using internally developed modules in Drupal. Various tariffs and information packages, which customers can select to suit their own preferences and according to their needs, are provided. The Basic tariff allows you to download up to three statistics free of charge per month. The Select 30 tariff is the solution for project work (30 statistics in 30 days), and with the Business tariff, single-user licenses are provided, as well as “XL” access for multiple-user licenses in companies with the most comprehensive range of information available.

Statistics are displayed using the Javascript library Highcharts, which enables data to be displayed in a wide variety of chart types such as column, bar, line and pie charts.

The platform uses an Apache Solr server for its search technology, which indexes statistical metadata and enables the user to search through the nearly 10,000 statistical data sets quickly and conveniently.

For the wholesale customer market, ETECTURE also developed a feature that enables companies to connect directly to the platform, thus allowing access to all statistics without having to log in.

ETECTURE’s typically agile approach to the project was fully supported by the customer. Since the launch date for the new platform was fixed from the start, it was possible to repeatedly check the entire scope of service and adapt it to the project requirements. The iterative implementation in sprints with gradual delivery of the finished range of functions ensured a high level of transparency throughout the entire duration of the project.


Technical Highlights

  • Drupal 7.34 content management framework
  • Mysql database server
  • js for data visualization
  • Apache Solr search server