Par-Terre Enoteca

Par-Terre Enoteca

About the customer

The Southern Wine Route Society (Verein Südliche Weinstraße e.V.) commissioned star designer Michael Michalsky to design the Par-Terre enoteca, which opened in Landau in Rhineland-Pfalz in 2014. In addition to his work as a high-end fashion designer, Michael Michalsky has already carried out numerous interior design projects and has a very successful home living collection.

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E-Commerce Solution With Store System

When the enoteca was opened in Landau in June 2014, the ground was prepared to market Palatinate wines in a new way. So much the better that ETECTURE could get directly involved in this innovative project. After all, the marketing was achieved not only through the building: The concept also included a high-quality website with a store system to encourage sales.

A project team from ETECTURE implemented a traditional e-commerce solution for the enoteca, comprising a merchandise management system combined with the store system of our partner shopware AG. ETECTURE built the entire system infrastructure, setting up the store, and constructing the complete front end. The team worked closely with Michalsky on the graphic design and integration of a newsletter tool. It was quite a challenge to meet the star designer’s high demands. Which made success even sweeter.

With the close proximity to our Karlsruhe office making it easy to drop by, this customer relationship has turned into something rather special. Following intensive collaboration, the website has now been online since December 1, 2014, and the results are clear to see:

Christine Ludt, manager of the enoteca, agrees: “The Par Terre enoteca helps to further establish the region’s innovative character. The fact that the on-site concept of wine-selling is being complemented by an online store is essential in wine marketing today. The collaboration with ETECTURE was a stroke of luck for us. The professional and friendly collaboration ensured the project was a complete success.”

This project and the customer’s satisfaction are an example of how our work should be seen as part of a holistic concept: With intensive consultation, needs-based implementation, and professional support, the individual components grow to form the whole.

Our services:

  • Traditional e-commerce solutions based on the shopware platform
  • Holistic graphical design and UX concepts
  • Holistic design, implementation and support of the system infrastructure
  • Integration of an upstream merchandise management system as the leading system for product maintenance
  • Use of Cleverreach as a newsletter tool