The ekz Group

The ekz Group and digital transformation

The ekz Group unites innovative companies across the library and media sector. From high-quality presentation furniture through pioneering new circulation technologies to digital lending and sales solutions, one clear objective unites every member of the Group:
the aim to supply the highest quality to enthusiastic and satisfied customers

For more than 10 years, ETECTURE has been supporting the group in the digital optimization of its business processes and the development of digital innovations.

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Stefan Dangel
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Stefan Dangel
Business Director
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ekz Portal

The ekz company portal

The portal unites the main business areas of ekz.

Furniture & library accessories, media and services, seminars and events, and school and library.

The dynamic website offers an impressive and attractive user experience thanks to the use of modern technologies.

The seamless integration of CMS and shop systems makes the user experience a uniform one.

Concept development, information architecture, UX and screen design, development

eCommerce | Shop furniture & library accessories

PLAN BUILD RUN | From the very beginning, ETECTURE was responsible for the entire range of services.

The solution was implemented with Shopware 4.3 and is subject to constant further development during successful operation.

ekz Shop Bibausstattung

eCommerce | B2C | Media portal

The sofortwelten portal offers a vast selection of e-Audio books, eBooks, eGames, eSoftware, and eVideos, as well as books, DVDs, Blu-rays, and audio CDs.

In addition to the eCommerce modules and the adapters for various distributors, the management of more than 2,000,000 items was realized within the Liferay Portal Server technology.

As well as classic factors such as functional and non-functional requirements, strategic aspects (white label) were also significant in determining the appropriate technological platform.

Our service:

Concept development | Information architecture | UX and screen design | Technical evaluation and concept development | Realization | Operation | Further development

eCommerce | B2B | Individual development

An eCommerce portal that maps the customer's business processes ideally and thus makes the acquisition of media for libraries significantly more efficient.

The system was developed using modern and modular basis frameworks (Java).

All conventional eCommerce features are available to the user in a form customised for purchasing media:

  • Complete coverage of transaction processes with suppliers
  • EAI (media services, WaWi)
  • Expert research with target-specific search in all media information
  • Search profiles and search subscriptions
  • List management with lists for order management and communication
  • Shopping cart with individual item configuration
  • Customer-specific ordering workflows
  • Standing order: customers can create their profile and then regularly receive the corresponding titles ready for lending and delivered simultaneously with the electronic catalog data
  • Roles and authorizations system
  • Personalization

Our service:

Concept development | Information architecture | UX and screen design | Technical evaluation and concept development | Realization | Operation | Further development

Integration platform | Middleware

A platform was realized that connects the ekz shop systems with the Library Management Systems of the libraries within the ekz internal systems.

This means that the entire business process of media acquisition and extended use cases is automated across the platforms.

EAI (media services, LMS, WaWi)

  • Basis: Soap web services using Axis web service frameworks
  • Security and authentication via Rampart framework
sofortwelten Themenwelt
ekz Sshop Medien
ekz Medienservices

iOS and Android app — the "Onleihe" online lending app

The digital transformation of a library lending function — the Onleihe online lending app.

  • Borrow and read/listen to DRM-protected eBooks and eMusic directly at any time
  • More than 800 connected libraries
  • Native Objective C/Android development
  • Backend communication via REST web services

Streaming platform

Protection against misuse of audio files via watermark technology in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute

  • Streaming of audio files via Wowza streaming server technology
  • Low-memory and high-performance method of generating lending-specific features through parallel streaming and rendering of the watermark on delivery