Business analysis

Data collection by our competent IT consultants helps you to develop KPIs. We offer decision templates for project approaches, ROI approaches, and competitive comparisons with focus on the Web. You can rely on our hands-on consultants, who bring to the project their knowledge from their roles as engineers, project managers, or information architects and provide palpable and tangible results during the project development process.

Business Analysis

IT consulting

We promise to give you neutral advice and demand-driven recommendations in the fields of security concepts, architecture models, framework and product evaluation, refactoring, and selecting the right technology.

Project management

A decisive factor for the success of any project is the interaction between the customer, the design team, the concept development team, and the implementation team. Based on our past experiences, our solution approach follows a method that establishes maximum transparency about the status of the project and significantly simplifies, and thus minimizes, the detection and management of risks. We follow an agile procedure model (SCRUM) which guarantees dynamic and flexible project management. Regular and direct communication between all participants in the project is a key factor in ensuring successful collaboration, which is why stable teams in an unchanging environment are encouraged in agile projects.

In maintenance projects we use KANBAN: the workflow is visualized in small steps, thus creating transparency about the distribution of the work and any bottlenecks that may exist.

You will find out which procedure model best suits your project in a personal consultation during which we analyze your needs and set the framework that fits your requirements.



Requirements analysis

Our work begins with obtaining an in-depth understanding of the specialist requirements, the user’s needs, and the design guides of the desired target media, so that we can lay the groundwork for fulfilling the customer’s wishes efficiently.

IA design

Ever-increasing requirements for complex websites with multi-layer user interaction necessitate fast solution paths that enable intuitive user behavior. Once the target group has been analyzed in detail, the structure and user paths are created based on prototypes. These are tested and optimized with regard to usability and user acceptance. You can benefit from our skill in building the bridge between expertise and technology.

UX Design

UX design

Acceptance by the end customer is crucial for the success of a website or a web application. We measure the behavior and reactions of the people using an application, and incorporate the results directly into the concept development of the interaction design and the information architecture, with the focus on improving usability and appeal.

Agile Design

Agile design

To record requirements in precise detail, they are not only analyzed during agile development, but the IT architecture and the interaction design are also visualized and described by our UX specialists.
Responsive web design is another of our UX specialists’ core areas. In flexible web design, the content and navigation elements as well as the structural layout of a website adapt themselves to the screen resolution of the end device.


Web & software development

The software architecture of a system is the basis for many so-called non-functional requirements, such as scalability, maintainability, performance, and security. As one of the most important steps in the development process for a successful project, we help you to decide on an architecture that meets your requirements exactly. Regardless of the technology used, we have a variety of proven architecture descriptions thanks to our many years of experience.

Our partnerships with leading technology providers give us the flexibility to always select the most suitable architecture for you, even in niche fields. You can build on our expertise and our foundation!

Individual development

With individual software, you create a product that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our strength lies in maintaining the balance between implementing your individual wishes and optimizing costs and benefits with feasible requirements. Our developers are continuously working on new technologies that enable us to offer our customers the greatest possible level of user-friendliness.

  • Multimedia/mobile: realization of entire multimedia solutions (individual applications or complete Internet presence) in the areas of web GUI, usability optimization, mobile devices
  • Personalization and individualization: adaptation of programs, services, or information to the personal preferences, needs, and capabilities of a user, both formally and in terms of content
  • Portal solutions: in many companies, web portals are indispensable in optimizing business processes and communication with different target groups
  • Websites + applications: based on the latest Internet technologies, we realize software solutions that allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Marketing automation (campaign and lead management): using special software and integrating it in the existing system landscape enables efficient planning and implementation of your marketing campaigns and a direct measurement of the success of the individual marketing measures

Adaptation, further development & integration

As specialists, we always view the integration of standard software in the context of the value-creating activities of our customers. We identify the functions that can’t be covered by standard software and develop these functions according to customer-specific requirements.

Our service portfolio:

  • E-commerce and online shops: realization of online shops or ordering platforms for customers, with the development of complex online searches such as full-text search or professional research solutions for experts
  • Content management systems (CMS, ECM, WCM): manufacturer-independent decision for the CMS that best suits your requirements
  • Communities: implementation of blogs and discussion forums or even commercial communities with integrated marketing content or complex flash communities
  • Calculators, configurators: development of configurator solutions for a wide range of tasks and target groups
  • Automated marketing solutions: Eloqua, Adobe Campaign


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

For years ETECTURE has placed great value on high-quality software development — quality assurance appropriate to the task is therefore extremely important. Certified experts define test cases, create test plans, and perform tests, both of a structural and explorative nature, in order to compare the target and actual situation and discover weaknesses in the details at an early stage. The testers are supported by appropriate test infrastructures, in particular with essential tools for mobile applications and responsive web design.

Furthermore, automated tests protect the entire development cycle of a software. Used from the beginning of the project, they reduce the overall time and costs invested in a project thanks to the early detection of errors. With automated testing, regression tests for a new product release, which would take multiple person days if performed manually, can be completed in just a few hours. Tests can also be repeated any number of times, for example to rule out any side effects.

IT rollout management

Before going live, every IT software is tested extensively and new processes are simulated at great depth. Rollout takes place between acceptance and everyday use. We help you to implement the process of successfully going live with your website. We use structured procedures to help you to communicate with and support the end user, and we are always at your side during the potentially difficult first few days of operation.


These days, close collaboration between operation and development is crucial. DevOPs is based on a joint, holistic responsibility for the results of development and IT operation. With continuous release processes, the interaction of application development and IT operation creates software that can be made available more frequently, more quickly, and with less tendency for errors (continuous development/continuous delivery).


Maintenance operations

Managed cloud hosting: we migrate, install, and operate your enterprise web solutions in the cloud. You benefit from the expertise of our cloud experts. We advise, design, and implement and, in doing so, we guarantee data integrity, encryption, and legal compliance in accordance with German law through proven security mechanisms and trained personnel.

You can also rely on our expertise when choosing a suitable partner. We can make recommendations and help find the right partner for you.

Maintenance Operations


Through individual service agreements for maintenance and support services (service level agreements, SLA), we guarantee all-encompassing support for our solutions, even after completion and in productive operation.