STAFF Q3/2014

STAFF Q3/2014

We are pleased to welcome new members to the team!

Petra Sauer, Marketing & Event Manager


After completing her studies in International Culture Management and spending a further three years in Freiburg, Petra has now been living in Frankfurt for five years. For nine years she was employed in the events and marketing sector; prior to this she was employed by a market-leading further education provider as a project management and program coordination consultant for internal qualifications. Petra is still actively involved in her own startup business eventcultur ( and organizes private celebrations and conferences. She sees this as the ideal combination for driving the market presence of ETECTURE forward, which is ultimately her top objective.

Petra’s motivation for joining ETECTURE:
– Forward-looking approach of the digital world and of ETECTURE as an up-and-coming business
– Enjoyment in demonstrating a presence, being able to make a difference, and being more creative again
– Using the input from all of the teams, Petra wants to create a uniform perspective and structure so that she can furnish the marketing and event area with a central theme and therefore optimize the corporate presence of ETECTURE on the market

Petra was particularly pleased with the hearty welcome and the informal and friendly atmosphere in this innovative company in which she can play an active role and help make a difference.

Mark Plötner, Software Developer in Karlsruhe


Mark has been part of the ETECTURE team in Karlsruhe since August. He completed his training as an IT specialist in system integration at Siemens in Karlsruhe. From 2005-2010, Mark studied Media Information Technology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and during that time earned a little money doing web development on the side. After completing his studies, Mark worked as a software developer at Sage Software GmbH.

Mark’s motivation at ETECTURE:
– The diversity of projects, rather than simply maintaining one single product
– The use of new technologies

Mark particularly liked the pleasant working atmosphere, communicative colleagues, and the flat hierarchy.

Working at ETECTURE he wants to deliver state-of-the-art products and take some first steps in project management.

Paul Soprun, IT Project Manager in Frankfurt


Paul has been doing “the Internet” for more than 15 years. He started as a backend and frontend developer, initially as a freelancer taking on jobs for a wide range of companies. After completing his studies, he joined a small but excellent digital agency in Offenbach. Over time, however, his interest shifted increasingly in the direction of project management. In recent years, Paul has been employed exclusively as a project manager, working primarily in the finance and automotive sectors.

The competence and technical focus at ETECTURE were thoroughly convincing for Paul, but it was the friendly impression he got from both the company and the few employees he was able to meet in advance that made him confident he would feel at home here.

What Paul wants to achieve:
To apply and develop agile project management in such a way that it enables the team, the customers, ETECTURE, and finally Paul himself, to complete successful and fun projects.

In his heart Paul is and will always be a developer, and whenever he feels like it, he can also be a quintessential nerd at ETECTURE.

Fabian Huber, student writing his final thesis in Karlsruhe


Between 2009 and 2011, Fabian completed several internships in product development and marketing at 1und1 Internet AG. He was then taken on as a student trainee at vitaliberty GmbH (B2B healthcare management) from January 2013 to June 2013, in the field of marketing/viral marketing, and, from September 2013 to January 2014 he completed an internship at arvato infoscore (financial service provider), also in marketing. Since October 2012, he has also been working for the Marketing Club Karlsruhe cooperation and Pforzheim University. He expects to complete his course in Business Studies/Marketing at Pforzheim University by February 2015.

Fabian’s motivation:
– To take a look behind the scenes, not only from the customer’s perspective (agencies and companies), but also in the role of the developer
– ETECTURE has already had some experience with students writing their final theses
– He’s interested in “Smart TV”

Fabian wants to write a successful final thesis at ETECTURE and become an expert in Smart TV. He’s looking forward to excellent collaboration, the super team spirit, the great atmosphere, very nice colleagues, and an openness to anything new!

We wish you all success and a lot of fun in our team! We bid you a very warm welcome.