STAFF Q1/2015

STAFF Q1/2015

We are pleased to welcome new members to the team!

Bernd Appenzeller, software developer
Christian König, software developer
Niclas Günther, student trainee
Paria Alipoor, assistant
Rafael Dominguez, senior software developer

Bernd Appenzeller, software developer in Frankfurt


Bernd attained his school graduation certificate in 1992 and then completed civil (non-military) service. He studied business information technology and educational science in Mannheim from 1993-1999. During the first three semesters he had already done an internship in the area of clinical information software in parallel to his studies.

Then, for health reasons, he was in medical rehabilitation until 2001. Following the rehabilitation, Bernd completed vocational training in Heidelberg to become an IT specialist/application developer. From 2004 to 2007, he created a merchandise management program using Lotus Notes with EDI connection at a DM supplier in Heidelberg. After further positions, which included developing Microsoft Office tools for Oliver Wyman in Frankfurt and setting up a portal with Drupal and DMS development with a focus on accessibility in Kelkheim, Bernd then decided to join ETECTURE GmbH in February 2015.

He particularly likes the interaction with his fellow colleagues, the flat hierarchies, working with big-name customers and the variety of projects that brings with it. At ETECTURE he would like to deepen his knowledge and possibly attempt to get into QA and/or project management. We wish him every success with this!

Christian König, software developer in Frankfurt


Christian has been a key addition to our team in Frankfurt since 1/19/2015. From 1998 to 2002, Christian worked in the fields of mobile computing, web store and customer support at MSS GmbH and from 2002 to 2014, he worked at High-End Communications in the fields of front-end development and content management systems.

The opportunity to become familiar with and use a lot of the latest methods and techniques, to be part of a professional team where he can both learn and contribute, as well as the varied input of colleagues and events motivated Christian to join ETECTURE. He particularly like the professional way of working, the communication within the team and, moreover, the opportunity to take an active role.

What he wants to achieve:

  • Specialization in his field of application
  • Consolidate and broaden his skills
  • Experience the latest developments and project working methods.

Niclas Günther, student trainee in Frankfurt


After completing his graduation certificate (special subjects: mathematics and biology), Niclas studied information technology. He has now been a student trainee at ETECTURE since March 2015.
His motivation for joining ETECTURE:

  • As a result of his information technology studies, he has developed a real love of programming.
  • Due to his own projects, he has become keen to work in this area later on in his career.
  • He is definitely curious to familiarize himself with the processes of a large company.
  • And as a “poor student”, he wanted to earn some money.

Niclas would like to improve his current skills, deepen his knowledge, and learn new things in order to participate in major projects at a later date. Furthermore, he would like to become part of a team.

He really likes the relaxed atmosphere, great colleagues and the excellent canteen. You also pick up a lot of new things (such as technologies).

Paria Alipoor, assistant in Frankfurt


Paria completed her business diploma at the Georg-Kerscheinsteiner school in Obertshausen in June 2010. In April 2011, she studied German and business studies at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University where she recently completed her Bachelor of Arts with German as her major, business studies as her minor, and a focus on journalistic writing and management, as well.

From September 2011, she worked as a supervisor at Bernotat & Partner AG. Here she was mainly involved in the implementation of marketing measures for Opel’s Ampera at various events such as the Europe Roadshow.

The challenge of dealing with IT issues in addition to meeting customers’ needs is what inspired Paria to join ETECTURE. Her communication skills and also her flexibility will be of great advantage when it comes to mediating between ETECTURE and its customers. ETECTURE has a broad customer portfolio, there is always something new to learn, and you are therefore not restricted to one sector, which prevents the job from becoming monotonous. This was another factor that convinced her.

What she wants to achieve:

  • an insight into the company’s practices in order to then be able to better focus on her master’s degree.
  • ideally, to optimize communication between individual interfaces.

From the beginning, Paria particularly liked the dynamic team, the friendly atmosphere (support and helpfulness of the colleagues), as well as the daily challenge of providing customers with competent and professional advice and support.

Rafael Dominguez Santos, senior software developer in Frankfurt


After completing his degree in business studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2001, Rafael performed various roles (as a web application developer, senior web application developer and technical lead) at various locations (Frankfurt, Madrid) for Interactive Data Managed Solutions over a period of eight years.

From 2005 to 2010, he worked in Madrid for another company as a software developer in various technologies (Java, .NET) and as an IT project manager and scrum master.

Five years ago, he moved back to Frankfurt, where he worked as a PHP web developer and technical lead for Interactive Data Managed Solutions AG. He has now been a senior software developer at ETECTURE GmbH since January.

His motivation for joining ETECTURE:

  • the opportunity to devote himself 100% to software development again
  • the application of agile procedural models to software development
  • a broad customer and project portfolio and the use of various technologies.

Programming is his passion so every day he wants to become better at developing web applications that are easier to maintain, higher performing, and more secure. And, of course, that will also make it easier to implement successful projects as a team, which will also lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.

What he likes about us:

  • The competence and helpfulness of the employees, which makes it fun to work in a team.
  • The chance to achieve a better work/life balance thanks to his part-time position.

 We wish you all every success and a lot of fun on our team! A very warm welcome once again.

Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager