There is more to it than just a script language

There is more to it than just a script language

A report about the JS User Group in Karlsruhe

The KarlsruheJS is a regular meeting of JavaScript developers from in and around Karlsruhe and was set up by Evgenij Terehov in 2011. At the very first meeting of the user group, Evgenij got to know his future peer Martin Wittemann, with whom he now organizes all further meetings in the city center.

But even a successful concept has to survive a dry spell, and the team was forced to take a long break during months of searching for a suitable venue.

Kahlil Lechelt, an enthusiastic JS fan, had the brilliant idea of ETECTURE’s offices in Karlsruhe: a former carpenter’s workshop in a rustic backyard in the middle of the musicians’ quarter of Karlsruhe. The special ambiance was an immediate hit, the sponsor concept was revised and the long-awaited reboot event started with great success in September 2013. Since then, ETECTURE has time and again supported the KarlsruheJS generously by providing rooms, technology, and refreshments. In fact, you could say that ETECTURE has become the home port of KAJS.

In the meantime, Evgenij Terehov and Kahlil Lechelt organize the group jointly and uphold the concept that KarlsruheJS is supported by a regional business at every event. In principle it’s relatively simple: the business in question provides the rooms, technology, and refreshments, and in return, has the opportunity to present themselves and do some self-promotion. The content of the events, however, is organized and presented 100% by the community, with no influence from sponsors.

Many speakers from Cologne, Zürich, Dortmund, Frankfurt, and Karlsruhe, who are well known in the community, have already stepped up to the plate, with around 70-90 participants accepting the invitation to each event. The JavaScript community is to equal degrees both sincere and interested — there is always lively discussion and intensive networking between the presentations. The topics that have been discussed are also interesting, and are warmly received by the audience. Past topics include Yeoman, AngularJS, High Performance JavaScript, Canvas, DalekJS right up to “NodeJS controls a rocket launcher“ and HOODIE!

And even though ETECTURE has become a main partner, the organization team is happy to welcome other partner companies who are ready to take a little trip away from their home port.

After the rousing success in Karlsruhe, the FrankfurtJS was started at the beginning of this year, also with ETECTURE as the initial partner. The first event was a great success, with 35 participants. At the second meeting there were 55 guests, and everyone involved is excited to see how things will develop in the future.