Doing good for a day

Doing good for a day

ETECTURE at Volunteer Day in Frankfurt.

Since its early days, ETECTURE has been involved with the Citizens’ Institute(Bürgerinstitut). Back then, Christian Schwab, managing director and founder of ETECTURE, was looking for voluntary work partners. This search ended in a long-standing friendship with the Citizens’ Institute, which ETECTURE also supports by maintaining the institute’s websites. But we don’t want to leave it at that. Therefore a small delegation of ETECTURE employees made themselves useful at Kinderhaus Frank children’s home in Sossenheim on Volunteer Day 2015.

Kinderhaus Frank is a residential facility for children and young people with physical disabilities. It mostly accommodates children and young people who have multiple severe disabilities and particularly high care needs. The establishment’s objective is to enable handicapped children and young people to explore their own personality through individual support and social experience: to discover their capabilities, requirements, develop interests, participate in the community, learn to accept the interests of others and thus gain an overall sense of positive self-esteem. Around 20 children and young people currently live in the children’s home residential community, where they are looked after devotedly by just as many employees 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The garden is of particular importance to the children’s home. Armed with hoes, spades, and brooms, this is what the seven volunteers got to grips with. There were weeds to remove, flowers to plant, and a sandbox to clean. But even the best laid plans often go awry:

Shortly after our helpers started to clear the paving slabs (which are made of rubber for the safety of the children) of weeds, it became clear that pulling the weeds out of the cracks was not only very strenuous, but also very ineffective. And so instead of simply clearing the slabs, they decided to strike “evil” directly at its root by pulling up the entire path and removing all the weeds from under the slabs.


In this way, the ETECTURE employees demonstrated once more that it is not only in software development that agile thinking is useful.

“It was a great day and a nice change! Gardening, lots of sun, and nice people. What more could you want? I’m sure our aching muscles will thank us tomorrow”, came back the cheerful response from Wolfram C. Lotz, one of the hardworking helpers from ETECTURE.

This project was only one of many which took place on Volunteer Day, which is held every year by the Frankfurt Citizens’ Institute. There were numerous other hands-on projects in the Frankfurt, Offenbach, and Maintal region.

Many thanks to all the ETECTURE employees who got involved again this year and voluntarily helped out on one of these projects!


Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager