We are pleased to welcome some new members to our team!

Christian Grefer, Software Developer
Timo Türschmann, Software Developer
Alexis Nagy, IT Project Manager

Christian Grefer, Software Developer based in Düsseldorf

Christian Grefer has been a key addition to our Düsseldorf team since April 7, 2015. Christian worked at the advertising agency Kreativ Fabrik in Solingen before moving to StepStone Deutschland GmbH in January 2012.

It was the great working environment and new (technical) challenges that prompted him to join ETECTURE. Christian hopes to build on his knowledge of front end development. He particularly enjoys working with his new colleagues, who he describes as helpful and friendly.

Timo Türschmann, Software Developer based in Frankfurt

Timo has been part of the ETECTURE team since July this year. He began studying for a degree in Business Informatics at the Technical University in Darmstadt, before changing direction to train as a mathematical and technical software developer at mg.softech. Timo’s decision to join our team was based on the prospect of opportunities for development, flexible working hours and friendly colleagues. He likes the friendly atmosphere and the high level of organizational freedom at ETECTURE. And of course the interesting and challenging projects. The location itself is also an advantage for him.

Timo has various things that hopes to achieve:

  • To complete projects that create added value and are used by many people
  • To develop his skills
  • To have fun

Alexis Nagy, IT Project Manager based in Karlsruhe

Alexis has a BA degree in Business Informatics from the Karlsruhe Cooperative State University and previously worked as a Linux/Unix administrator for Web.de and 1&1 Internet AG. His most recent position was as a team leader within the IT department at 1&1, with responsibility for monitoring and core network services (IT operations monitoring and infrastructure).

Alexis felt that ETECTURE comes across as an innovative company with free and open structures, and was more than happy to jump on board. Alexis wants to make a difference again — which is something that has become more and more difficult in large companies over the last few years. With this in mind, he believed that ETECTURE was the ideal choice, since our philosophy and his are the perfect match.

Alexis aims to create sustainable and successful long-term solutions instead of short-term successes that just create double the amount of work later on.

He especially likes:

  • The quiet atmosphere in the courtyard, which makes it easy to concentrate on his work
  • His friendly colleagues, who welcomed him right from the first day and made him feel at home

We wish you all every success and a lot of fun in our team! A very warm welcome once again.

Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager