Winds of Change Blowing at ETECTURE

Winds of Change Blowing at ETECTURE

In November, Christian Schwab became the new Chief Technology Officer for Ogilvy & Mather Germany, where he has joined CEO Ulrich Klenke and CFO Helmut Hechler on the board of management. As a digital native, Christian Schwab will be in charge of technology throughout the Group, assuming responsibility for a comprehensive range of sophisticated digital and technological solutions.

But as its driving force, Christian Schwab will remain at ETECTURE as Managing Director and owner. Board members Carsten Blau and Stefan Dangel will be joined in the medium term by an as-yet-unknown new face to form the senior management team at ETECTURE GmbH, laying the foundations for repositioning the company in the market.

“We are currently in an excellent position, but this gives us the opportunity to work on our consultation methods, increase our design and UX expertise, and expand our technology portfolio to include areas such as data and the Internet of Things. In particular, though, it will enable us to extend our focus to include additional target groups. Up to now, ETECTURE has worked primarily for customers and departments in the advertising and creative industries. In future, we hope to attract customers from the business and IT sectors so that we can help them develop their business models,” says the Managing Director and founder of ETECTURE GmbH, who is delighted about the new direction.

Repositioning the company will provide momentum for an enhanced strategic focus at ETECTURE GmbH. “I need digital natives to help me realize this change in direction. I am confident that a) I know plenty of them already, and b) I will be able to tempt even more of them to join this unique and changing world,” says Schwab.

Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager