Working space — space for collaborating and sharing knowledge and ideas

Working space — space for collaborating and sharing knowledge and ideas

In the beginnings of every business, the founder is confronted with the question of whether or not to rent office space. On one hand, working from a home office saves on expensive rental costs; on the other hand, you cannot work effectively because you cannot bounce ideas off colleagues directly. There are numerous “business centers” that offer small workstations in anonymous buildings for large sums of money. However, this model is of no use to creative individuals who hop from project to project and are looking to work closely with like-minded people. A café environment is often their preferred choice, but it’s usually too noisy to work effectively there. The ideal working environment looks somewhat different.

Our proposal: co-working space for business founders and the self-employed. But what does that mean exactly? As a startup, in good company with like-minded people, users of the ETECTURE Working Space in Karlsruhe or Frankfurt can expect not only an affordable infrastructure, but also synergies, an exchange of information, good discussions, valuable experience, and much more. The co-worker can have either a permanent workstation in a lockable office (optional) or a workstation in an open space.

Christian Schwab, a business founder himself more than 10 years ago, wants to offer young business founders advantages that were not so evident in his early days:

“We have so many clever minds and good ideas in this country and we want to support them with our co-working-space offer. We take away the stress of finding and maintaining office space and enable start-ups to work in an environment with a lot of other clever people, with whom they can share and exchange ideas. I was in the same situation myself in the beginning, and I would have loved to have had this type of support. In my experience, working alone or from home is less productive since you are unable to bounce ideas off like-minded people,” said the Managing Director & Founder of ETECTURE.

ETECTURE offers an ideal working space, a form of community with interesting people, and, quite simply, a space for collaborating and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Petra Kregelius-Schmidt
Marketing & Event Manager