YOOCHOOSE, ETECTURE, “and the Next Generation of Online Shops”

YOOCHOOSE, ETECTURE, “and the Next Generation of Online Shops”

Partnership with one of the most important global providers of recommendation systems in the bag:


As part of an event held by one of our long-standing partners and CMS manufacturers eZ Publish, the YOOCHOOSE Recommendation Engine solution was presented some time ago. It supplements the eZ Publish platform with one of the world’s leading recommendation services.

YOOCHOOSE is a spin-off of the German company Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin, whose core product is a tool for providing content recommendations based on rules and user behavior. It allows companies to significantly increase their sales and content quality in the Web with personalized recommendations.

Our employee Ralph Siegert, Director Business Consulting at ETECTURE in Frankfurt, was immediately interested, as he had already played through some ideas and scenarios in his head during the presentation. But the first big question was whether this technology could also be used outside a CMS.

“Yes, it can!” came the prompt reply, for YOOCHOOSE is already being used for well-known shops of the customers Plus and REWE. The integration of these recommendations for the next generation of customer shops is now also crucial and indispensable for ETECTURE!

In collaboration with YOOCHOOSE, solutions were developed and ideas for improving and automating offers based on recommendations and individualization were collected — BigData in a practical application. The best results from the think tank were presented to the first customers.

Together with YOOCHOOSE, we are now in the middle of implementing an expansion project. We are both benefiting from the good collaboration which ultimately led to this new cooperation. There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more about the “Next Generation of Online Shops”.

Our entire ETECTURE team is looking forward to many joint customers, great solutions, and new projects.