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We have been working with our customer CMS on their website for five years. During this time, we have expanded a multinational website hodgepodge into a global corporate website and content hub. Today, CMS can play relevant content for the various legal areas at any time and support it with SEO measures, as well as control website performance with global KPIs.


The start of the collaboration between CMS and our digital architects was the merging of the hodgepodge of websites that had grown over the years: The CMS Legal Services team wanted to consolidate its ten existing websites. The new website should reflect the actual structure of the company and ensure the display of content via the respective regional websites that meets the expectations of local website visitors and the requirements of local laws.


Clear goals for the global corporate website

  • The focus of the new website should be the visitors and their regional or local requirements
  • The new website should make it easier to comply with local laws and publish content accordingly
  • Modern design with a uniform look and feel for all countries
  • An intuitively usable and sophisticated search over the existing content and people should be available
  • Implementation of easy-to-use processes for publishing content and collaborative editing work by a 40-strong, distributed team of web managers
  • Website with high flexibility and suitable customization options for the target market


Challenges mastered in the first phase

  • System landscape: Connection of various external and third-party systems with bidirectional synchronization mechanisms
  • Data migration: Transfer of around 300,00 data objects from the existing legacy systems to a common content concept
  • Multilingualism: As an international company, CMS has to offer its website in several languages
  • Multisite: As an organization of independent law firms, CMS has to play content that is relevant for the respective country or region
  • Lots of editors: In a large team of more than 40 employees, the management of access rights and permits is fundamental


As a technical partner, in the first phase we were responsible for both consulting (technology evaluation and selection, system and interface architecture, project management) and for the actual development of the application as well as the connection and integration of further interfaces and applications. Together with our client’s team, we achieved all of our goals. In July 2017, design and user experience were honored with the Digital Impact Award 2017 in the area of "Professional Services".

Continuous teamwork with our client

We are still working with the CMS team today: By updating to the latest version of Ibexa’s Digital Experience Platform – eZ Platform – we made sure to keep the website up-to-date, simple to administrate and user-friendly. In particular, we have simplified the processes for publishing country and campaign-specific content. Revised workflow and authorization settings ensure that editors only work on parts of the website that are relevant to them.

Jochen Lindmayer CMS ETECTURE

Continued business benefit

  • User centricity increased: Landing Page Builder and Form Builder make it much easier for users to update information and add it to the page
  • Higher campaign capability: content can be published very specifically for different countries and jurisdictions
  • Global control: website performance and SEO activities can be monitored using uniform KPIs
  • Support the growth path: adding new websites is made simple
  • The eZ Platform acts as a repository for various assets and outputs
  • Higher download speed for mobile devices
  • Increased flexibility when sharing content on the website
  • Support assured: CMS is on the LTS (Long Term Support) version of eZ Platform
  • The basis for the use of a marketing automation was established
  • There is little need for training

Would you like to find out more about the web relaunch at CMS Legal?

Together with our partner Ibexa, we have created a detailed case study:

Download the full story as a PDF here.


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