Innovation as key driver for digital transformation

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Welcome to a new digital revolution

With digital disruption happening constantly it has never been more important for businesses to step up their innovation efforts and continuously push forward. We are currently in the middle of a new digital revolution with several technology trends fueling this transformation into this brave new digital world


Brief intro to Spatial Computing


With advanced sensors in our digital devices it is now possible to "scan" the world around us, and create a digital mesh on top of the real world. This mesh can be used by developers to place 3D objects on top of real world locations. Users can see and interact with the combination of real objects and 3D objects through the lens of their camera or through special glasses: Spatial Computing.  


Spatial Computing however isn't as new as most people think, there are a couple of examples of global brands who used the Augmented Reality (AR) platform Matteo since 2011 (Matteo has been acquired by Apple in 2015 and has been the foundation for ARKit).

  • Burberry had an iPad app in 2011 where fashion week visitors could ‘scan’ the models and directly see information and purchase the outfits.
  • Audi launched their AR app called AudiVision in 2012 to digitally enhance the physical brochure experience. Creating an interactive experience that increased sales.


Today the capabilities are tenfold in comparison. With all the major tech companies pushing Spatial Computing forward new functionalities are added almost weekly. Things are moving fast and users start to expect a level of excellence when using AR products. Brands who are innovating in this space are already reaping the benefits.

  • Warby Parker that utilizes the front facing camera of the iPhoneX to collect 85m data points of users faces to create bespoke eyewear.
  • YouCam Makeup, where users can see how different makeup look in real time. From hair colors, to nail colors, to eye shadow and everything in between. And directly buy the products.


The next step in Spatial Computing however takes these experiences away from our smartphones and into special glasses, Head Mounted Displays. Welcome to the future.


The best time to start experimenting was yesterday, the second best time is today


In this talk, during our quarterly Business Breakfast series, we take the audience through a selection of these important technology trends by discussing the next digital revolution: Spatial Computing. Watch the presentation to learn more about what Spatial Computing is and what it can do for your business.