Time-Series Forecasting by ETECTURE

Forecasting DMEXCO ETECTURE Ruben Horbach

The data treasure hunt

One of the many challenges we often solve for our clients are based around data. Whether this is working with legacy systems to "future-proof" their digital architecture or finding data to enable better and faster decisions around planning, organization and decision-making.


We have recently created a tool that allows us to rapidly connect all kind of databases, quickly identifies the right data and enables our data scientists to create and test mathematical algorithms to analyse this data to create predictions around operational business figures. Once the bespoke system is running it is fully automated and provides hourly/daily/weekly predictions to assist decision makers, saving valuable time and money.


Presentation at the DMEXCO 2019

Now you can watch the presentation in full length again. It was presented and recorded at DMEXCO 2019, where ETECTURE was represented under the motto "Partnership based on trust". In this presentation I outline the importance of finding the gold treasures (the "right data") that are hidden all around us. Finding these data treasures, analyzing them and using it to help our clients make better decisions is in our DNA. We are Digital Architects. Or should I say, Data Architects.