go>tech World 2019: Is AR becoming the next big tech platform?

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As Digital Architects we see the digital world around us changing constantly, both visibly and invisible. What we see on a daily basis are relatively small incremental changes: a new smartphone here and an updated app there. Of course behind the scenes there are some bigger changes like the rise of the tech companies and how they use the power of technology to influence behavior (buy this product, vote for this idea (or person..)). But the shift in digital that is coming next is unprecedented.


We have seen only a couple of massive changes in digital. Starting with the introduction of the PC: connecting people with a machine. Then, with the introduction of the internet, we connected humanity with all sources of knowledge. And more recent, with the introduction of mobile, billions of people were connected to billions of other people.


These massive shifts don’t happen so often. We are in the midst of the fourth big change in digital. A shift so colossal (and happening so incremental) that most don’t realize it is happening. This fourth change is connecting the majority of emerging technologies together into one interconnected digital plane.


We're at the dawn of the next fundamental step in digital evolution

By leveraging the incredible data speeds of 5G, and utilising the power of edge computing, people will be able to combine the real world with useful data and wearables such as augmented reality glasses. Add in a layer of artificial intelligence drawing from real-time data from a trillion internet-of-things sensors, and our lives will go from googling for knowledge to our environment anticipating our needs.


Across many "Top Technology trends for 2019" lists compiled by the leading research firms around the world, a recurring patter is emerging. The investments and acquisitions that the largest tech companies have made over the last decade are in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet-of-Things (including smart cars, drones, robotics, and biometric wearables) as well as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, 5G Networks, 3D printing, Synthetic Biology, Edge, Mesh and Fog Computing.


All of these technologies are converging and are being woven in the fabric of our global civilisation, under our feet, over our heads, and all around us.


For us to really understand what that means we need to take a look at how we, humans, will interface with this new spatial digital world.


Please join me in exploring the fourth digital evolution during my keynote during the go>tech World conference in Bucharest!